The Three Degrees StrategyThe Three Degrees Strategy
The Three Degrees Val
It was so exciting, creating … yes, creating! … our version of some of our favorite classic Philadelphia songs.This was an effort of love on everyone’s part and much love to all who contributed towards this product! We recorded at 800 East and the studio brought back so many memories of the old days, recording in Philly/NewYork and our rehearsal days brought back even more (memories).We even discovered the best soul food restaurant in Atlanta … Mary Mac’s! While recording, my mind re ected back on what I had learned from my mentor, Richard Barrett, and remembering what I had experienced from previous sessions and producers and it made these songs a joy to sing.With his Midas touch, our technical Svengali, Marty Kearns, made each song easy to weave our touch thru … he made a mean cuppa coffee too! Many thanks to our groove making rhythm section for giving us what we needed to create the mood for our leads because to us that is just as important as the song. On drums/percussion, Mr. Personality himself, Yonrico Scott; slick and smooth Lebron “Benny” Scott on bass; Dave Gardner’s guitar blending his tasteful expertise with our ATL based musicians and the ivory tickler extraordinaire,Tom Grose – plus a special bit of love from the one and only Bob Thompson, who gave us a serious groove on “Mr. Jones”.To Kyrie – ladies, you were awesome and on point as usual, and William, you are now an honorary Degree!!!! To our producer/arrange, Buzz Amato – you rock!!! John Abbey … as always, thanks for holding it all together.ThankYou all for HARMONY & LOVE
The Three Degrees Helen
The journey for the Three Degrees has been an interesting, joyous, amusing and sometimes frightening rollercoaster ride, with unexpected twists and turns, hills and valleys, swings and roundabouts … yet a wonderful and exciting experience! There are so many people to recognise as participants in this journey, a village if you will, who continue to be part of this ongoing ride. Much love and appreciation to all who have been and continue to be part of our magni cent journey. Thanks to: Richard Barrett for your vision, guidance, grooming, discipline, lessons and love – your teachings still remain a part of us!To“Degrees” Fayette, Janet, Sheila,Valerie, Cindy and Freddie – well done!!! To the ladies who were our “bridges” during times of change. Ex-managers, Chic Murphy and Chuck Smiley – much love and thanks for your time, efforts and support. To our manager now, John Abbey – 26 years and counting … “yikes”! Your dedication, friendship, love and concept for this project … I know it hasn’t been easy! Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff – amazing!!!! Buzz Amato – your patience, friendship, loyalty, love and time on this project and others … love and thanks! Musicians past and present … what we would we do without you!? Marty – engineer extraordinary, patient and the ears of life! Stuart Scott and William Burnett – wow!!! Much love for all your support and friendship in every way. Gary Langdale and Richard Buckner – it has de nitely been a journey, huh? Thanks for believing in us and hanging in there … the saga continues!!! To all radio personalities, thanks for helping us be heard and your years of support. Agents, promoters, tour managers, drivers, production staff etc. … for all you do, thanks! To our families who have been subjected to all the highs and lows … your love, tolerance and support has never gone unnoticed nor unappreciated. And last but never least – our fans! God bless you all, you have been the endless wheel that has kept us turning and the food that has nourished and sustained us throughout. There will never be enough words or thankyous to express how grateful and thankful we are for you!!! Thank you, God, for allowing us to take this wonderful journey, experience monumental things and encounter extraordinarily talented and giving people. Living proof of Your love and grace.
The Three Degrees Freddie
I’m so honored that we have this opportunity to salute the legacy of Philadelphia music.The music is timeless. It is a part of the fabric of our lives.This is a true testament to the artistry of the singers, musicians, writers and producers, who are associated with this iconic label. Recording and performing these songs has provided me with many “precious mo- ments.” I thank God for the experience. Kudos to Buzz and Marty! I would also like to acknowledge the following people for their invaluable contributions to my life: my parents, Granny, for recognizing my music passion, my brothers, James and Ervin, my sisters, Alma and Alice, my children and family, for sharing me with the world, Lola Falana, RonTownson. JeanTerrell, Gladys Knight, Michael McKinley, Jeffrey, Gary, Richard, Stuart,William and John. Special thanks to all the dear fans for the ongoing support.And toValerie and Helen, thank you for the thrilling ride! With Love.